About Us

Mechdaily stands for Mechanical engineering concepts. Its mission is to create an online destination for the engineering community, where working professionals can quickly find concise and reliable information to meet the majority of their daily reference needs.

Mechdaily is all about the basics, for the most part, that means college-level material covered in engineering schools. If you practice engineering, more often than not you would find yourself searching for something you knew but could not quite remember.

Mechdaily wants to be your reminder of these concepts. Not only that, Mechdaily wants to tell you exactly under what conditions those concepts apply, so you don’t have to read an entire chapter of the good old textbook.

The engineering world is full of different concepts. This is a dangerous thing. Most of us are so used to using a certain concept to solve a familiar problem that we forget that each topic has its limitations.

As experienced engineers, the staff of Mechdaily recognizes this danger and strives to provide the most precise technical information that anyone could find on the web.

Our obsessions are accuracy and simplicity. If we can’t summarize a topic in a few pages with the information that you can readily apply to your project at hand, you may as well read a book. Our goal is to save our audience precious time.